Paediatric Dermatology

Paediatric dermatology provides comprehensive care to infants, children and adolescents with skin, hair and nail conditions. These can range from common eczema and viral rashes, to more complex systematic disorders involving the skin. 

At Subang Jaya Medical Centre, we are experienced in diagnosing, treating and managing a wide variety of skin disorders including birthmarks (vascular and pigmented), skin infections, dermatitis (atopic dermatitis, contact dermatitis), melanocytic nevi (moles), genodermatoses (inherited skin disorders), drug eruptions, hives, psoriasis, acne and warts. We also perform procedures such as cutaneous surgery, cryotherapy and laser therapy.

There are many different conditions found in children that are not found in adults. Treatments might also vary depending on the age of the child. As such, seeing an expert in children's skin disease is important to ensure treatment is specially adapted to suit your child's safety and comfort.

Our Paediatricians

Dr Jenny Tan Yen Ling

Consultant Paediatrician and Paediatric Dermatologist
Paediatrics, Paediatric Dermatology