Patient Rights & Responsibilities

Working in Partnership: Patients’ Rights and Responsibilities

At Subang Jaya Medical Centre we want to support you to lead a full and healthy life. That means delivering exceptional patient healthcare when it is needed, while working in partnership to support you in maintaining a healthy lifestyle through all stages of your life.

We promote a team-based approach to your care, ensuring our nurses, doctors, healthcare workers and wider support staff work together to deliver safe, effective care to the highest possible standards.

That means as a patient:

You will be treated with dignity and respect.

You will be fully informed about your medical condition, planned treatment, expected outcome and expected cost where appropriate, in a way that enables you to make informed decisions.

We will seek your consent where possible before a procedure is carried out.

You can accept or refuse medical care or recommended treatments to the full extent permitted by the law. You shall therefore accept responsibility for any medical consequences that result from your decisions.

You can seek a second medical opinion.

You will receive care in a conducive environment.

You are entitled to confidentiality and privacy of your treatment and medical records.

You can receive a copy of your medical report upon request.

As part of our partnership with you, we welcome your suggestions and insight on how we can help to continually improve the comprehensive, compassionate care that we at Subang Jaya Medical Centre are proud to be recognised for. In the event that you wish to raise a grievance in regards to your care, please raise your concerns with the individual in charge of the relevant department.

Healthcare in partnership isn’t just about the team of dedicated healthcare professionals that provide your care. As a patient, you have a vital role to play. We ask that you:

Be actively involved in caring for your own health.

Abide by all hospital rules and regulations.

Disclose full and accurate information about your health.

Treat hospital properties and facilities with due care and responsibility.

Ask questions to better understand your care.

Keep your valuables and personal belongings safe while in hospital. Safety deposit boxes are available on request.

Treat our hospital staff, doctors, other patients and visitors with courtesy and respect.

Settle your bills promptly within the required timeframe, and contact us with any problems as soon as they arise.